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Sustainability is all about integrated solutions, and collaboration is key to developing them. Collaborative approaches bring insight into all dimensions of a sustainability challenge.

Collaborative processes give people a chance to learn about sustainability and co-create new approaches.  They can be effective, fun, and inspirational. You might need one workshop to solve a particular problem, or you might develop permanent collaborative systems that support innovation for sustainability. 





Lead the way

We design and implement research projects in sustainability and regeneration, ranging from urban design to sustainable agriculture. Our experienced university researchers bring new perspectives to pressing issues.

Current projects include:

  • The use of biological amendments to promote soil health

  • Citizen science and corporations in the SW of WA

  • Producing hydrogen for energy using biological processes in industrial symbioses

  • Symbiotic nitrogen fixation (SNF) for sustainable agriculture


Access external funds and resources

Chasing grant funding? It can be time consuming and there's a knack to writing successful grant applications.  Gollagher Consulting can do the legwork for you. We can find the best funding options, and work with you to write and submit your grant application. 

If we are part of the proposed research team,  we'll write the grant application at no cost whether or not it is successful.



Getting started with sustainability...

A sustainability health check helps you establish your sustainability baseline against the sustainable development goals or other sustainability tools, idenitifying what you are doing well, what strategic opportunities you have, and what you could be doing better. Together we can set goals and indicators. We can help with evaluation once you're underway


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