Dr Margaret Gollagher

BSc (Biol), BPolSt (Hons), PhD


Marg has a PhD in corporate sustainability and brings nearly two decades of experience researching and co-creating sustainability policies, strategies and initiatives. She has a particular focus on participatory processes as a way to develop new sustainability approaches. It's a powerful way to integrate research, innovation and action to achieve inspirational outcomes. 

Marg is an Honorary University Sustainability Research Associate and was formerly a lecturer/researcher at Curtin University’s Sustainability Policy (CUSP) Institute and Murdoch University’s Institute of Sustainability and Technology Policy (ISTP). She was a sustainability consultant with HAC Consulting, working with businesses and government organisations to improve their sustainability performance. She was also Principal Policy Adviser for Sustainability for the WA Minister for Planning and Infrastructure; Senior Policy Adviser for Climate Change and Environment for the WA Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and a member of the Western Australian Planning Commission's Sustainability Committee. 

Jen Campbell

BSc (Hons)

Sustainable Development          

Collaborative Urban Agricultural Systems Design


Jen Campbell is a sustainability researcher with a background in permaculture, participatory process and development. Jen has previously worked for the Central Land Council in remote Indigenous communities, as a permaculture teacher and facilitator, and with a number of communities across Sub Saharan Africa around community collaboration for improved livelihoods and appropriate technology. Jen is particularly passionate about participatory processes, boosting local voices in the majority world to deal with majority world problems, carbon neutral travel and everyday sustainability.