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Circular economy - co-create new ways of doing business

The businesses at the forefront of sustainability look way beyond just doing the same things more efficiently. They find ways of collaborating internally or with external stakeholders or communities to dream up entirely new approaches. The outcomes can be inspiring.

Here's a great story from the Guardian about textile manufacturers Steelcase, Designtex, Victor and Unifi, who co-created a way to 'close the loop' on waste. It just takes some rethinking, collaboration, new ideas and inspiration.

Innovators like this take a new look at their core business, and spend time and effort thinking about how to change what they do to close the loop and move their business well into the 21st century.

We can help you find inspiration, tailor and facilitate processes that let your staff and stakeholders co-create new ideas, build a prototype for a new product or service, test it and get it up and running, chase up the extra information you need to know... I love this stuff - disruption at its finest!

Marg Gollagher

Courtesy of Guardian News & Media Ltd

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